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India's Mineral Production Witnesses 6.8% Surge in March

The mining and quarrying sector experienced a notable upswing in mineral production, according to the latest data released by the Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM). The index of mineral production for the month of March 2023, with the base year set at 2011-12, stands at 154.2, representing a significant 6.8% increase compared to March 2022. Moreover, the provisional data reveals a cumulative growth of 5.8% for the period of April 2022 to March 2023, when compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

Key mineral production levels for March 2023 are as follows: Coal reached 1,078 lakh tonnes, Lignite stood at 46 lakh tonnes, Natural gas utilization reached 2,890 million cubic meters, Crude petroleum reached 25 lakh tonnes, Bauxite production amounted to 2,115 thousand tonnes, Chromite reached 555 thousand tonnes, Copper concentrate stood at 12 thousand tonnes, Gold production reached 161 kilograms, Iron ore amounted to 281 lakh tonnes, Lead concentrate reached 42 thousand tonnes, Manganese ore amounted to 311 thousand tonnes, Zinc concentrate stood at 181 thousand tonnes, Limestone production reached 402 lakh tonnes, Phosphorite amounted to 220 thousand tonnes, Magnesite stood at 11 thousand tonnes, and Diamond production amounted to 3 carats.

Several important minerals demonstrated positive growth in March 2023 when compared to March 2022. Notable increases were observed in Copper concentrate production (41.9%), Chromite (34%), Phosphorite (32.8%), Manganese ore (13.6%), Coal (12.5%), Limestone (7.6%), Lead concentrate (6.3%), Iron ore (4.7%), Bauxite (3.6%), and Natural gas utilization (2.7%). This growth trend indicates a positive trajectory for the mining and quarrying sector in the country.

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This positive trend in mineral production not only reflects the sector's ability to overcome challenges but also signifies the effective utilization of resources and implementation of industry best practices. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the mining and quarrying industry in India.

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