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India Urges Steel Mills to Ramp Up Exports to Tanzania

In a bid to strengthen economic ties between India and Tanzania, the Indian Mission in Tanzania has called upon Indian steel mills to explore the potential of increasing exports to the African nation. Currently, the Tanzanian market is dominated by steel imports from China, South Africa, and Japan. However, Indian steel offerings, which are already in high demand, could pose a strong competition.

The Union Steel Ministry of India is considering measures to promote Indian steel products in Tanzania, aiming to carve a larger market share in the country. Recognizing the lucrative opportunities available, the ministry seeks to challenge the dominance of China, South Africa, and Japan in the Tanzanian steel market.

To facilitate this endeavor, Binaya Srikanta Pradhan, the High Commissioner of India to Tanzania, has put forth a proposal to dispatch a business delegation by the end of this year. The delegation's primary objective would be to organize a buyer-seller meeting, providing a platform for Indian steel mills and Tanzanian businesses interested in procuring steel from India.

With an eye on expanding trade and boosting Indian steel exports to Tanzania, this initiative holds great potential for both countries. Indian steel mills stand to gain a larger foothold in the Tanzanian market, while Tanzania can benefit from enhanced economic cooperation with India.

This move comes at a time when India is also aiming to establish itself as a global green steel manufacturing hub. The country's efforts towards decarbonizing the steel sector are expected to pay off in terms of sustainability and environmental impact. By offering greener steel products, India hopes to strengthen its position as a reliable and responsible steel exporter on the global stage.

As the proposed business delegation gears up for its visit later this year, all eyes are on the outcomes of the buyer-seller meeting. The success of this initiative could mark a significant milestone in the bilateral trade relations between India and Tanzania, opening doors to greater collaboration and economic prosperity for both nations.

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May 27, 2023
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